Title Museums and innovations / edited by Zvjezdana Antos, Annette B. Fromm and Viv Golding.
Published Newcastle-Upon-Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017
Detail ix, 241 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Added Author Antoš, Zvjezdana, editor
  Fromm, Annette B., editor
  Golding, Vivien, editor
  Edenheiser, Iris. Germany, Entanglements :Colonial History, Art and "Ethnographic Objects" :Examples from Germany
  Quinn, Margaret. Intercultural Museum Practice :An Analysis of the Belonging Project in Northern Ireland
  Vella, John. Small Museums and Identity in Socially Deprived Areas
  Cutajar, Josann. Small Museums and Identity in Socially Deprived Areas
  Peric, Milica. Museum of Childhood :Art Intervention as a Tool for Interpreting Heritage and History
  Krstovic, Nikolo. Provoking Memories, Creating Attitudes
  Buletic, Mario. Engaging with Community :Intangible Curltural Heritage and Educational and Participatory Practices in Istria
  Tranfaglia, Elisa. Lucca Museum of the Risorgimento. No Emotion, No Communication!
  Segui, Joan. Valencian Museum of Ethnology :New Permanent Rooms
  Oleszkiewicz, Malgorzata. Exhibitions in Ethnographic Museums :Presentation, Narration or Dialogue
  Harju, Jari. Helsinki City Museum's New Exhibition Policy
  Aljas, Agnes. Participation in the Museum :Diverse Audiences and their Motivations at the Estoniam National Museum
  Masson, Eef. Media in Contemporary Heritage Presentation :The Case of the Amsterdam Museum
  Grinko, Ivan. Children of Migrants in Museums :Problems, Preferences, and Needs
  Shevtsova, Anna. Children of Migrants in Museums :Problems, Preferences, and Needs
  Wild, Beate. Mobile Exhibitions in Public Space
  Haack, Jan An. Mobile Exhibitions in Public Space
  Van der Zee, Paulina. Drawing of a "Trublja" :The Ghent University Ethnographic Collections and Prof. Frans Olbrechts, Father of World Art Studies
  Icke-Schwalbe, Lydia. Terminological Crisis of Science :On the Way to Ourselves or to Decomposition by Ourselves
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