Title Cosmopolitanism, nationalism, and modern paganism / Kathryn Rountree, editor.
Published New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Detail xiii, 276 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Added Author Rountree, Kathryn, editor
  Rountree, Kathryn. Introduction. "We Are the Weavers, We Are the Web" :Cosmopolitan Entanglements in Modern Paganism
  Fisk, Anna. Appropriating, Romanticizing and Reimagining :Pagan Engagements with Indigenous Animism
  Snook, Jennifer. Heathens in the United States :The Return to "Tribes" in the Construction of a Peoplehood
  Horrell, Thad. Heathens in the United States :The Return to "Tribes" in the Construction of a Peoplehood
  Simpson, Scott. Only Slavic Gods :Nativeness in Polish Rodzimowierstwo
  Shnirelman, Victor A. Obsessed with Culture :The Cultural Impetus of Russian Neo-pagans
  Shizhenskii, Roman. Multiple Nationalisms and Patriotisms Among Russian Rodnovers
  Lesiv, Mariya. Blood Brothers or Blood Enemies :Ukrainian Pagans' Beliefs and Responses to the Ukraine-Russia Crisis
  Feraro, Shai. Canaanite Recontructionism Among Contemporary Israeli Pagans
  Wallace, Dale. Pagan Identity Politics, Witchcraft, and the Law :Encounters with Postcolonial Nationalism in Democratic South Africa
  Ezzy, Douglas. Cosmopolitan Witchcraft :Reinventing the Wheel of the Year in Australian Paganism
  Sanson, Dawne. Cosmopolitanism, Neo-Shamans and Contemporary Maori Healers in New Zealand
  Rountree, Kathryn. Spirits Are Cosmopolitan Too :Contemporary Shamanism in Malta
  International Society for the Study of New Religions
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