Title Gendered labor in specialized economies : archaeological perspectives on female and male work / edited by Sophia E. Kelly and Traci Ardren.
Published Boulder : University Press of Colorado, [2016]
Detail xii, 400 pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm
Added Author Kelly, Sophia E
  Ardren, Traci,
  Kelly, Sophia E. Craft specialization and the comparative advantages of gender
  Costin,, Cathy Lynne. Political, social, economic, and ideological dimensions in the late prehispanic gendered division of labor on the north coast of Peru
  Escontrias, Pilar Margarita Hernandez. Crafting of feminine subjectivities : a diachronic interrogation of gendered craft production in the Andes
  Ardren, Traci. Artisans of terminal classic Xuenkal, Yucatan, Mexico: gender and craft during a time of economic change
  Halliwell, Alisha. Gendered labor in pottery and salt production in northeast Thailand
  Stahl, Ann Brower. Complementary crafts : the dynamics of multicraft production in Banda, Ghana
  Kelly, Sophia E. Characterizing the gendered division of labor within a Hohokam specialized economy
  Swantek, Laura A. Mobile woman : using ethnoarchaeology to build models of women's labor contribution to craft production
  Callaghan, Michael G. Observations on invisible producers: engendering pre-Columbian Maya ceramic production
  Kovacevich, Brigitte. Gender, craft production, and the state : problems with "workshops"
  Wright, Rita P. Comparative Perspective on Gender in Specialized Economies :Craft Specialization, Kinship, and Technology
  Harrington, Sue. From warp and weft to spear and spindle : gender identity and textile manufacture in early Anglo-Saxon England
Source Types Book
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