Title European archaeology as anthropology : essays in memory of Bernard Wailes / edited by Pam J. Crabtree and Peter Bogucki.
Published Philadelphia, PA : University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, 2017
Detail xiii, 271 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Added Author Bogucki, Peter I
  Wailes, Bernard
  Crabtree, Pam J
  Bogucki, Peter. "Disruptive Technologies" and the Transition to Agriculture in Scandinavid and the Britihs Isles
  Anthony, David W. Archaeology and Language :Why Archaeologists Care about the Indo-European Problem
  Wells, Peter S. Materiality of Performance and Diversity of Practice :Comparing Bronze Age Pits in Southern Bavaria
  Gilman, Antonio. Archaeological Manifestations of Religious Belief in Southern Iberia from the Neolithic to the Iron Age
  Johnston Susan A. Dun Ailinne :Then and Now
  Ragan, Elizabeth. Ghosta of Chiefdoms Past :Kings, Complexity, and Resistance at the Edge of European History
  Scott, Rachel E. Socioeconomic Change in Early Medieval Ireland :Agricultural Innovation, Population Growth, and Human Health
  Soderberg, John. Ceremonial Complexity :The Roles of Religious Settlements in Medieval Ireland
  Stahl, Alan M. New Archaeology from Old Coins :Antioch Re-examined
  Crabtree, Pam J. State Formation in Anglo-Saxon England
Source Types Book
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