Title The anthropology of Catholicism : a reader / edited by Kristin Norget, Valentina Napolitano, and Maya Mayblin.
Published Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2017]
Detail xii, 369 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Added Author Norget, Kristin, editor
  Napolitano, Valentina, editor
  Hertz, Robert. Excerpt from St. Besse : a study of an Alpine cult
  Mayblin, Maya, editor
  De Martino, Ernesto. Excerpt from Tarantism and Catholicism
  Pitt-Rivers, Julian Alfred. Excerpt from The place of grace in anthropology
  Lienhardt, Godfrey. Excerpt from The Dinka and Catholicism
  Turner, Victor. Excerpt from Iconophily and iconoclasm in Marian pilgrimage
  Clhristian, William A. Excerpt from Person and God
  Brandes, Stanley H. Excerpt from The priest as agent of secularization in rural Spain
  Bynum, Caroline Walker. Excerpt from Women mystics and Eucharistic devotion in the thirteenth century
  Mosse, David. "Complexio oppositorum?" : religion, society, and power in the making of Catholicism in rural south India
  Kaell, Hillary. Marking memory : heritage work and devotional labour at Quebec's Croix de Chemin
  Mayblin, Maya. Failure and contagion : the gender of sin in contemporary Catholicism
  Bandak, Andreas. Opulence and simplicity : the question of tension in Syrian Catholicism
  Del Pinal, Eric Hoenes. Paradox of charismatic Catholicism : rupture and continuity in a Q'eqchi'-Maya parish
  Norget, Kristin. Virgin of Guadalupe and the spectacle of Catholic evangelism in Mexico
  Badone, Ellen. Rosary as a meditation on death at a Marian apparition shrine
  Mitchell, Jon P. Catholic body? : miracles, secularity, and the porous self in Malta
  Lado, Ludovic. Experiments of inculturation in a Catholic charismatic movement in Cameroon
  Napolitano, Valentina. On a political economy of political theology : El Senor de los Milagros
  Molina, J. Michelle. Phenomenology and religion : making a home in an unfortunate place
  Coleman, Simon. "We're all Catholics now"
  Orsi, Robert A. What Is Catholic about the Clergy Sex Abuse Crisis?
  Csordas, Thomas J. Possession and psychopathology, faith and reason / Thomas
  Meyer, Birgit. Catholicism and the study of religion
  Largier, Niklaus. Media of sensation
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