Title Human origins : contributions from social anthropology / edited by Camilla Power, Morna Finnegan, and Hilary Callan.
Published New York : Berghahn, 2017
Detail vi, 356 pages ; 23 cm
Added Author Power, Camilla, editor
  Finnegan, Morna, editor
  Callan, Hilary, editor
  Callan, Hilary. Forty years on : Biosocial anthropology revisited
  Ellen, Roy. Rethinking the relationship between studies of ethnobiological knowledge and the evolution of human cultural cognition
  Knight, Chris. Towards a theory of everything
  Ardener, Shirley G. Sexual insult and female militancy
  Finnegan, Morna. Who sees the elephant? Sexual egalitarianism in social anthropology's room
  Smith, Andrew D.M. From metaphor to symbols and grammar : the cumulative cultural evolution of language
  Power, Camilla. Reconstructing a source cosmology for African hunter-gatherers
  Skaanes, Thea. Sounds in the night : ritual bells, therianthropes and eland relations among the Hadza
  Low, Chris. Human physiology, San Shamanic healing and the 'cognitive revolution'
  Watts, Ian. Rain serpents in Northern Australia and Southern Africa : a common ancestry?
  James, Wedy. 'From Lucy to language: the archaeology of the social brain' : an open invitation for social anthropology to join the evolutionary debate
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