Title Interwoven globe : the worldwide textile trade 1500-1800/ Amelia Peck.
Author Peck, Amelia
Published London : Thames & Hudson , 2013
Detail 350 p. : Illustrationen ; 28 cm
Added Author Peck, Amelia. Trade Textiles at the Metropolitan Museum :A History
  Guy, John. "One Thing Leads to Another" :Indian Textiles and the Early Globalization of Style
  Phipps, Elena. iberian Globe :Textile Traditions and Trade in Latin America
  Ferreira, Maria Joao Pacheco. Chinese Textiles for Portuguese Tastes
  Denney, Joyce. Japan and the Textile Trade in Context
  Sardar, Marika. Silk along the Seas :Ottoman Turkey and Safavid Iran in the Global Textile Trade
  Watt, Melinda. "Whims and Fancies" :Europeans Respond to Textiles from the East
  Peck, Amelia. "India Chints" and "China Taffaty" :East India Company Textiles for the North American Market
  Phipos, Elena. Global Colors :Dyes and the Dye Trade
Source Types Book
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