Title National races : transnational power struggles in the sciences and politics of human diversity, 1840-1945 / edited by Richard McMahon.
Published Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, [2019]
Detail x, 384 pages ; 24 cm
Added Author McMahon, Richard. editor
  McMahon, Richard. Transnational network, transnational narratives : scientific race classifications and national identities
  Quine, Maria Sophia. Destiny of races "not yet called to civilization" : Giustiniano Nicolucci's critique of American polygenism and defense of liberal racism
  Rhode, Maria. Matter of place, space, and people : Cracow anthropology, 1870-1920
  Lefkaditou, Ageliki. Yet another Greek tragedy? : physical anthropology and the construction of national identity in the late nineteenth century
  Morris-Reich, Amos. Jews between Volk and Rasse
  Mogilner, Marina. Classifying hybridity in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Russian imperial anthropology
  Nanta, Arnaud. Physical anthropology in colonial Korea : science and colonial order, 1916-40
  Gorny, Maciej. Racial anthropology on the Eastern Front, 1912 to mid-1920s
  Yeomans, Rory. Racial politics as a multiethnic pavilion : Yugoslavs, dinarics, and the search for a synthetic identity in the 1920s and 1930s
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