Title After the crisis : anthropological thought, neoliberalism and the aftermath / edited by James G. Carrier.
Published New York, NY : Routledge, 2016
Detail xv, 195 pages; 24 cm
Added Author Carrier, James G., editor
  Carrier, James G. Anthropology in neoliberalism
  Carrier, James G. Anthropology and neoliberalism
  Carrier, James G. Neoliberal anthropology
  Blim, Michael. History, power and the rise of the United States ruling class
  Cohen, Jeffrey H. Migration and insecurity : rethinking mobility in the neoliberal age
  Stan, Sabina. Looking for a place to stand : theory, field and holism in contemporary anthropology
  Dullo, Eduardo. Seriously enough? : Describing or analysing the Native(s)'s Point of View
  Maskovsky, Jeff. Critical anthropology for the present
Source Types Book
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