Title Understanding popular culture and world politics in the digital age / edited by Laura J. Shepherd and Caitlin Hamilton.
Published New York, NY : Routledge, 2016
Detail xvi, 195 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Added Author Shepherd, Laura J., editor
  Hamilton, Caitlin, editor
  Hamilton, Caitlin, editor World Politics 2.0 : An Introduction
  Kaempf, Sebastian. The Potentiality and Limits of Understanding World Politics in a Transforming Global Media Landscape
  Shepherd, Laura J. Authors and Authenticity : Knowledge, Representation and Research in Contemporary World Politics
  Crilley, Rhys. Like and Share Forces : Making Sense of Military Social Media Sites
  Jackson, Susan. Marketing Militarism in the Digital Age : Arms Production, YouTube and Selling "National Security"
  Nayak, Meghana. Remaking the Global : Social Media and Undocumented Immigrants in the US
  Rosamond, Annika Bergman. The Digital Politics of Celebrity Activism Against Sexual Violence : Angelina Jolie as Global Mother
  Auchter, Jessica. Playing War and Genocide : Endgame: Syria and Darfur is Dying
  Eken, M. Evren. The Un-Scene Affects of On-Demand Access to War
  Yao, Sandra. "Pocket-Sized" Politics : Binders, Big Bird, and Other Memes of the 2012 US Presidential Campaign
  Sarma, Saara. Collaging Internet Parody Images : An Art-Inspired Methodology for Studying Laughter in World Politics
Source Types Book
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