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Title 20/20.
Published Third Avenue, New York ,NY 10017 Routledge, [2016]
Detail xv,260 pages: illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
Added Author Schofield, John, 1948- author, editor of compilation
  Schofield, John. Heritage expertise and the everyday: citizens and authority in the 21st century
  Koerner, Stephanie. Revisiting the Dewey-Lippman (1925-7) debate, Faro and expertise in the humanities
  Wolferstan, Sarah. Ethnography of a ’humble expert’: experiencing Faro
  Graves-Brown, Paul. Old bag’s way: space and power in contemporary heritage
  Byrne, Denis. Counter-mapping and migrancy on the Georges river
  Dierschow, Rebecca. Faro and the LGBT heritage community
  Burstrom, Mats. More than a sensitive ear: what to expect of a professional expert
  Keeffe, Tadhg O. Who would believe experts? Interrogating the discourses of archaeologists and interest groups in two recent heritage disputes in Ireland
  Lashua, Brett. Cinema under the stars, heritage from below
  Baker, Simon. Cinema under the stars, heritage from below
  Henson, Donald. Finding people in the heritage of Bankside, Southwark
  Kiddey, Rachael. Punks and drunks: counter-mapping homelessness in Bristol and York
  Walker, Dominic. Local world heritage: relocating expertise in world heritage management
  Jackson, Stella. Contesting the ’expert’ at the former Bradford Odeon, West Yorkshire
  Beattie, Melissa. A most peculiar memorial: cultural heritage and fiction
  Palsson, Gisli. Reykjavik’s abandoned building sites: heritage of an economic collapse?
  Bjornsson, Pall Haukur. Reykjavik’s abandoned building sites: heritage of an economic collapse?
  Fairclough, Graham. What was wrong with Dufton? Reflections on counter-mapping: self, alterity and community
  Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)5DLC
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