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Title Men speak out : views on gender, sex, and power / edited by Shira Tarrant ; with a foreword by Jackson Katz.
Published New York : Routledge, 2008
Detail xxiv, 295 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Anderson-Minshall, Jacob. Enemy Within :On Becoming a Straight White Guy
  Arber, Brandon. It's Just Common Sense
  Atherton-Zeman, Ben. Men's Manifesto
  Bortnichak, Greg. Starbucks Intervention
  Boyd, Andrew. Trying to Be Sexy and Exactly the Same Time
  Brillante, Kyle. Engendering the Classroom :Experiences of a Man in Women's and Gender Studies
  Carter, Derrais. This Is What a Feminist Looks Like
  Crass, Chris. How Can I Be Sexist? I'm an Anarchist!
  Dixon, Chris. Tribute to My Father
  Einschlag, Nathan. Stepping Out of Bounds
  Flood, Michael. What's Wrong With Fathers' Rights?
  Han, Chong-suk. Darker Shades of Queer :Race and Sexuality at the Margins
  Hastings, Eli. Violation
  Heryford, Ryan. Real Slim Shady
  Hurt, Byron. Daytona Beach :Beyond Beats and Rhymes
  Jensen, Robert. Just a John? Pornography and Men's Choices
  Katz, Jackson
  Kimmel, Michael S. Abandoning the Barricades :or How I Became a Feminist
  Kitlinski, Tomek. Let Us Be Seen :Gay Visibility in Homophobic Poland
  Lamm, Bob. Learning From Women
  Leszkowicz, Pawel. Let Us Be Seen :Gay Visibility in Homophobic Poland
  Loewe, B. How We Enter :Men, Gender and Sexual Assault
  Margulies, Jared. Straight Guys Can Dance, Too
  Mirande, Alfredo. Hombres y Machos
  Morris, Bryan Talbot. Gender in Jakarta :Lessons on Discourse and Disparity
  Okun, Rob. Confessions of a Premature Pro-Feminist
  Osayande, Ewuare X. Redefining Manhood :Resisting Sexism
  Peretz, Tal. Steel-Toed Boots
  Poole, Jay. Good Ol'Boy :A Tale of Transformantion in the Rural South
  Pringle, Richard. Sport, Strong Women, and Feminist Epiphanies
  Ravarino, Jonathan. Being a Social Justice Ally :A Feminist's Perspective on Preventing Male Violence
  Roth, Matthue. Preaching to the Choir
  Schafer, Grantlin. Breaking the Silence One Mile at a Time
  Schwyzer, Hugo. Staring at Jana's Legs
  Shaw, Hank. How Two Aspiring Pornographers Turned Me Into the Ultimate F Word
  Shearer, Haji. Why I Am Not a Feminist
  Smith, Jeremy Adam. Playground Vertigo
  Taneja, Amit. From Oppressor to Activist :Reflections of a Feminist Journey
  Tarrant, Shira, 1963-
  Thompson, Marshall. Exposed in Iraq :Sexual Harassment and Hidden Rank Structure of the U.S. Army
  Tye, Marcus C. Bye-Bye Bi? Bailey, Biphobia, and Girlie-Men
  Unger, Donald N.S. Judging Fathers :The Case for Gender-Neutral Standards
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