Title The Khmer Rouge Trials In Context / Toshihiro Abe.
Published Chiang Mai : Silkworm, 2019
Detail 309 p. ; 21 cm
Added Author Manning, Peter K. The Khmer Rouge Trials: Renewing a National Memory
  Bultmann, Daniel. In a State of Constant Vigilance: Terror and the Question of Superior Responsibility at The ECCC
  Abe, Toshihiro. editor
  Im, Francois. The Reponsibility of the International Community
  So, Mosseny. Hybridity and the ECCC
  Mohan, Mahdev. Rights, Reparations, and Legal Rituals: Victims at the ECCC
  Sok, Leang. Participating in a National Drama: A Reflection on Local Contradictory Attitudes toward the Court Process
  Vong Em, Sam An. Local Khmer Media Representations of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in 2010–11
  Ramani, Vinita. From Survival to Survivance: Permanent Exhibitions as Collective Reparations in Cambodia
Source Types Book
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