Title Beyond cyberpunk : new critical perspectives / edited by Graham J. Murphy and Sherryl Vint.
Published New York : Routledge, 2010
Detail xviii, 263 pages ; 24 cm
Added Author Vint, Sherryl, 1969-
  Murphy, Graham J., 1970-
  Mchale, Brian. Towards a poetics of cyberpunk
  Latham, Rob. "A rare state of ferment" : SF controversies from the New Wave to cyberpunk
  Easterbrook, Neil. Recognizing patterns : Gibson's hermeneutics from the Bridge trilogy to Pattern recognition
  Butler, Andrew M. Journeys beyond being : the cyberpunk-flavored novels of Jeff Noon
  Moylan, Tom. Global economy, local texts : utopian/dystopian tension in William Gibson's Cyberpunk trilogy
  Vint, Sherryl. "The mainstream finds its own uses for things" : cyberpunk and commodification
  Bould, Mark. Why Neo flies, and why he shouldn't : the critique of cyberpunk in Gwyneth Jones's Escape plans and M. John Harrison's Signs of life
  Cadora, Karen. Feminist cyberpunk
  Boulter, Jonathan. Posthuman melancholy : digital gaming and cyberpunk
  Frelik, Pawel. Woken carbon : the return of the human in Richard K. Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs trilogy
  Hollinger, Veronica. Retrofitting Frankenstein
  Murphy, Graham J. Angel(LINK) of Harlem : techno-spirituality in the cyberpunk tradition
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