Title Spaces of the dead : a case from the living / Kevin Tan Yew Lee.
Author Kevin Tan Yew Lee
Published Singapore : Ethos Books ; Singapore Heritage Society , 2011
Detail 307 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Added Author Kevin YL Tan. Introduction :The Death of Cemeteries in Singapore
  Miksic, John. Fort Canning :An Early singapore Cemetery
  McKenzie, Elizabeth. Bukit Brown :A Garden of History & Heritage
  Ho Hua Chew. Bukit Brown :Nature in an Old Cemetery
  Williams, Sue. Bidadari Christian Cemetery
  Blackburn, Kevin. Singapore's 'Little Japan' an its Japanese Cemetery
  Widdodo, Johannes. Keramats
  Wan Meng Hao. More than Meets the Eye :Remembering the War Dead in Singapore
  Tan Boon Hui. Remians of the Dead :Spatial Politics of Nation-Building in Post-War Singapore
  Brenda SA Yeoh. Bones of Contention :Chinese Burial Grounds in Colonial and Post-Colonial Singapore
Source Types Book
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