Title Biopower : Foucault and beyond / edited by Vernon W. Cisney, Nicolae Morar.
Published Chicago ;London : The University of Chicago Press, [2016]
Detail x, 376 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Added Author Morar, Nicolae, 1979-
  Cisney, Vernon W
  Revel, Judith. Literary Birth of Biopolitics (translated by Christopher Penfield)
  Negri, Antonio. At the Origins of Biopolitics (translated by Diana Garvin)
  Hacking, Ian. Biopower and the Avalanche of Prined Numbers
  Mills, Catherine. Biopolitics and the Concept of Life
  Patton, Paul. Power and Biopower in Foucault
  Mader, Mary Beth. Foucault, Cuvier, and the Science of Life
  Nealon, Jeffrey T. Archaeology of Biopower :From Plant to Animal Life in The Order of Things
  Mendieta, Eduardo. Biotechnological Scala Naturae and Interspecies Cosmopolitanism :Patricia Piccinini, Jane Alexander, and Guillermo Gomez-Pena
  Novas, Carlos. Patient Activism and Biopolitics :Thinking through Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs
  Halperin, David M. Biopolitics of HIV Prevention Discourse
  Sawicki, Jana. Precarious Life :Butler and Foucault on Biopolitics
  May, Todd. Who's Being Disciplined Now? Operations of Power in a Neoliberal World
  Gros, Frederic. Is There a Biopolitical Subject? Foucault and the Birth of Biopolitics (translated by Samantha Bankston)
  Tazzioli, Martina. Discordant Practices of Freedom and Power of/over Lives :Three Snapshots on the Bank Effects of the Arab Uprisings
  Rabinow, Paul. Biopower Today
  Stoler, Ann Laura. Colonial Reading of Foucault :Bourgeois Bodies and Racial Selves
  Esposito, Roberto. Totalitarianism or Biopolitics? Concerning a Philosophical Interpretation of the Twentieth Century (Translated by Timothy Campbell)
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