Title Dance matters too : markets, memories, identities / edited by Pallabi Chakravorty and Nilanjana Gupta.
Published London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Detail xv, 322 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Added Author Gutpa, Nilanjana, editor
  Chakravorty, Pallabi, editor, author
  Chakravorty, Pallabi. Dance matters II :introduction
  Kugle, Scott. Mah Laqa Bai :the remains of a courtesan's dance
  Takemura, Yoshiaki. Conflict between cultural perpetuation and environmental protection :a case study of ritual performance in North Malabar, South India
  Sikand, Nandini. Bodies and borders :the Odissi costume controversy
  Ghosh, Shruti. I know it and I name it as I do it :embodied practice as a key to understand performance
  Chakravorty, Rallabi. Cosmopolitan then and cosmopolitan now :Rabindranritya meets dance reality shows
  Basavarajaiah, Veena. Corporatization of dance :changing landscape in choreography and patronage since economic liberalization in Bengaluru
  Sethi, Arshiya. Negotiating space for dance within the spectrum of contemporary performing arts in a globalized India :the experiences of an Indian arts manager
  Dasgupta, Indrani. Bollywood dance :desire for the 'Other'
  Ghosh, Pika. Rasalila remixed :tracing the dances of an image
  Chevallier, Jean-Frederic. Why dance today in India? A philosophical approach
  Nimjee, Ameera. Playing dance and dancing music :the work of intimacy in kathak
  Purkayastha, Prarthana. Embodiment, reflexivity and practice-as-research in Indian dance :a case study
  Chatterjee, Sandra. Remixing Natya :revanta Sarabhai's LDR and Post Natyam Collective's Super Ruwaxi :Origins
  Chakraborty, Aishika. Dancers and critics :re-viewing Tagore
  Bandopadhay, Sruti. Pedagogy of Manipuri dance :in and beyond the temple premise
  Mahanta, Anwesa. Text, context and interpreter :understanding the paradinms of Sattriya dance and dancer in the changing space
  Sen-Podstawska, Sabina Sweta. Why dancing the sensual sculptures matters? considering a sensory paradigm for Odissi dance
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