Title The hurt(ful) body : performing and beholding pain, 1600-1800 / edited by Tomas Macsotay, Cornelis van der Haven and Karel Vanhaesebrouck.
Published Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2017
Detail xv, 311 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Added Author Macsotay, Tomas
  Haven, Kornee van der
  Vanhaesebrouck, Karel
  Biet, Christian. Spectacle and martyrdom : bloody suffering, performed suffering and recited suffering in French tragedy (late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries)
  Bussels, Stijn. Massacre of the innocents : infanticide and solace in the seventeenth-century Low Countries
  Vanhaesebrouck, Karel. To travel to suffer : towards a reverse anthropology of the early modern colonial body
  Sawday, Jonathan. 'I feel your pain' : some reflections on the (literary) perception of pain
  Yamamoto-Wilson, John. Masochism and the female gaze
  Mocsotay, Tomas. Epicurean tastes : towards a French eighteenth-century criticm of the image of pain
  Sarafianos, Aris. Wounding realities and 'painful excitements' : real sympathy, the imitation of suffering and the visual arts after Burke's sublime
  Kwiatkowski, Nicolas. Forced witnessing of pain and horror in the context of colonial and religious massacres : the case of Irish Rebellion, 1641-53
  Korsten, Frans-Willem. Theatrical torture versus dramatic cruelty : subjection through representation or praxis
  Bella, Maria Pia Di. Palermo's past public executions and their lingering
  Leemans, Inger. Economics of pain : pain in Dutch stock trade discourses and practices, 1600-1750
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