Title The materiality of mourning : cross-disciplinary perspectives/ Zahra Newby; Ruth E Toulson.
Author Newby, Zahra
Published New York, NY : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group , 2019
Detail xiv-265 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Toulson, Ruth E
  Toulson, Ruth E. Introduction :emotions and materiality in theory and method
  Hope, Valerie M. Dead people's clothes :materialising mourning and memory in ancient Rome
  Brayshaw, Emily. Remembering Roland Leighton :uniforma as the materials of memory and mourning in World War I
  Venbrux, Eric. Destroying objects, Keeping memories
  Newby, Zahra. Grottarossa doll and her mistress :hope and consolation in a Roman tomb
  Kjaersgaard, Anne. Talking with a cold grey stone :the life and death of gravestones in contemporary Denmark
  Ackers, Helen I. Face of the deceased :portrait busts in Roman tombs
  Beats, Kate A. Enduring grief :images of the mourning woman from the ancient classical world to eighteenth-century Britain
  Noakes, Lucy. 'Worth' of grief and the 'value' of bodies :managing the civilian corpse in Second World War Britain
  Toulson, Ruth E. Fragments of bone and chips of stone :materiality and mourning in a Chinese Society
  Heath-Kelly, Charlotte. Sacred rituals of the security state :reclaiming bodies and making relics from Ground Zero
  Brennan, Michael. Why materiality in mouring matters
  Davies, Douglas James. Death turn :interdisciplinarity, mourning and material culture
Source Types Book
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